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A special coating, which has the ability to transmit rays of PAR.


Durable, easily removable cover with adjustable shading effects.


For easy removal of ReduSol and ReduHeat from your greenhouse.


A wear-resistant shading coat that can be removed after use provides you with possibilities to manage your crop and protect against excess heat radiation.

What is ReduSol?

ReduSol is the liquid shading product that you can use for applying a homogeneous, wear-resistant shading coat that protects against solar radiation. ReduSol can be applied in both thin and thick coats to glass, acrylate, polycarbonate and plastic film. The greatest advantage of ReduSol is that it can be removed. You can start the shading season in the spring with a thin coat of ReduSol. A thicker coat can easily be achieved later in the season by spraying an additional amount of ReduSol. ReduSol can be removed easily and safely with ReduClean after the season.

Advantages of ReduSol

  • Easy to remove with ReduClean
  • Shading effects of up to 80% (depending upon the concentration)
  • White, even shading coat for proper reflection
  • Easy to apply
  • Highly resistant to frost and rain
  • Increased light transmission during rain
  • Diffuses light