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A special coating, which has the ability to transmit rays of PAR.


Durable, easily removable cover with adjustable shading effects.


For easy removal of ReduSol and ReduHeat from your greenhouse.


For easy removal of ReduHeat and ReduSol from your greenhouse.

After having enjoyed the benefits of ReduSol or ReduHeat for a full season, it is time to remove the product from your greenhouse. You can do this with ReduClean.

What is ReduClean?

ReduClean is a cleaning product specifically developed to remove ReduSol and ReduHeat.

It can easily be applied to all greenhouse materials: glass, acrylate, polycarbonate and plastic film. After applying ReduClean, rain will be sufficient to remove the remaining layers for a clean result. ReduClean is economical and safe for users. The result: a clean greenhouse.